The Beginning of Radio and the Wireless Era (1853-1920)

This gallery features a recreation of the Wireless Room on the Titanic, the Collins Wireless Telephone and many inventions and innovations of the early radio pioneers. See the tools used to prove the existence of Radio Waves and the inventions that changed the way the world communicated. Here are a few examples on display:

  • Westinghouse GN4 Avionics Alternator & Transmitter ca. 1918
  • Herzian WaveRadiator and Resonator
  • Herzian Wave Generator
  • Herzian Wave Remote Controlled Pistol
  • Collins Wireless Telephone
  • Fessenden Roller Inductance
  • Fessenden Wavemeter
  • IWCC Wireless Receiver
  • Marconi 11F Direction Finder
  • Long Wave Tuner
  • United Wireless Type E Tuner