Electricity Sparks Invention (1800-1900)

This exhibit features artifacts and inventions from an unparalleled century of scientific achievement in relation to electrical innovation. The worlds first batteries, electrical motors, electric lights, telephony, telegraphy and medicinal devices are on display. Inventions by Edison, Tesla, Morse, Hughes, Volta and other giants of this century are available for viewing. Here are a few examples:

  • Hughes Telegraph
  • Hush-A-Phone
  • Voltaic Piles
  • Wheatstone - Cooke Two-Needle Telegraph
  • Edison's First Successful ELectric Lamp
  • The First Screw-Base Electric Lamp
  • Edison Chemical Meter
  • Gramme Magneto-Electric Machine, No. 16.
  • The First Morse Telegraph (reproduction)
  • The First Dial Telephone
  • Faraday's Rotating Wire Experiment
  • Edison's Electric Pen